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Travellers Well

The map shows the curvature of Carmarthen Road. In the 1990s a by-pass was made creating two parts to the road, "old & new".

The pub is between Vicarage Road and Megan Street, Cwmdu 2012
Travellers Well OS map 1899-1902
Travellers Well 2012

Reproduced from the {1899-1902} OS map, without my reference to

the Travellers Well, Cwmdu.







(WGA) N/A N/A 1819 This section of the road was not completed until 1819.
At the licencing sessions William Grey was described as the owner occupier.
Census N/A N/A 1851 William Grey head aged 48 a collier/publican born in Swansea
Mary Grey a wife aged 38 born in Swansea
Jane Grey a daughter aged 16 attending house affairs born in Swansea
(C) H34 BUILDINGS, COMMERCIAL BUILDING, INNS, PUBLIC HOUSES, HOTELS, SOCIAL CLUBS 1853 July 01 Swansea sessions: William Grey, landlord of the Travellers Well, Cwmbwrla - selling beer at illegal hours. P6
(C) F56 DISASTERS AND ACCIDENTS, ACCIDENTS, MINING ACCIDENTS 1856 May 02 Inquest Travellers Well Swansea: David Jones aged 52 Killed at Weig Fawr colliery.
(C) H34 BUILDINGS, COMMERCIAL BUILDING, INNS, PUBLIC HOUSES, HOTELS, SOCIAL CLUBS 1856 September 12 Neath sessions: licenses - David James, Travellers Well, Cwmdu; Ann Stanford, Dock Tavern, Briton Ferry.
Census N/A N/A 1861 William Grey head aged 58 a collier/publican born in Swansea
Mary Grey wife aged 50 born in Swansea
Ann Evans granddaughter aged 11 born in Swansea
Ann Morgan a servant aged 22 born in Llangyfelach
Census N/A N/A 1871 Thomas Walters head aged 39 a blacksmith born in Swansea
Ann Walters a wife aged 36 born in Swansea
William Grey Walters a son aged 11 born in Swansea
Mary Grey aged 17 born in Swansea
(C) Q18 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT AND POLICE, ASSAULT OR THREATENING BEHAVIOUR 1879 April 04 Swansea Police: John Driscoll not guilty of assaulting PC Smith outside Travellers Well public house, Cwmbwrla.
(SD) P323 SLATER'S DIRECTORY 1880 - SWANSEA 1880 Travellers' Well, Thos. Walters, Babell
Census N/A N/A 1881 Thomas Walters head a widower aged 49 a publican born in Swansea
William G Walters a son aged 22 a mining Engineer born in Swansea
Mary Grey a niece aged 20 a barmaid born in Swansea
Jane Griffiths a servant aged 24 born in Swansea
Evan Maddox a visitor aged 20 from Llansamlet
(LIC) N/A N/A 1885 George Lewis was the landlord.
(LIC) N/A N/A 1889 Mary John was the landlady and the owner was Ann Lewis.
P532 KELLY'S DIRECTORY 1891 Cwmbwrla. Commercial. John Mary (Mrs.), Travellers' Well P.H.
Census N/A N/A 1891 Mary John head a widow aged 54 a publican born in Kidwelly
Martha John a daughter aged 24 a barmaid born in Llanelli
William John a son aged 22 a steelworker born in Llanelli
Thomas John a son aged 20 furnace man born in Llanelli
Caroline John a daughter aged 16 a dressmaker born in Llanelli
Isaac Williams a boarder aged 52 a stationary engine driver from Pembroke
(LIC) N/A N/A 1900 Buckley Brewery took over the ownership .
Census N/A N/A 1901 Mary Johns head aged 61 a publican born in Kidwelly
Martha Johns a daughter aged 31 born in Llanelli
Mary Johns a daughter aged 19 born in Llanelli
William John a son aged 17 a moulders apprentice born in Llanelli



Swansea and Districts


Traveller's Well, Fforestfach. Good accomodation for cyclists. John Lewis.






John Lewis was the landlord.
 Census N/A N/A 1911 John Lewis head aged 47 a publican from Llanelli
Sarah Ann Lewis a wife aged 45 from Llanelli
Gertie Lewis a daughter aged 23 from Llanelli
(LIC) N/A N/A 1917 Sarah Ann Lewis was the licence holder.
(LIC) N/A N/A 1920 Sept  George Glyn Hill was the licence holder .
(SWDP) C10 DEATHS, DEATH NOTICES 1920 Sept 06 September 5, Travllers Well, Cwmbwrla, Swansea, Sarah Ann Lewis wife of of late John Lewis, aged 54 years, burial at Box.
(K.D) P1024

Kellys directory of Monmouthshire and South Wales

1923 Hill Glyn (Mrs.), Travellers' Well P.H. Cwmdu
(LIC) N/A N/A 1927 Gertrude C Hill was the landlady.
(LIC) N/A N/A 1939 Gertrude C Rees was the landlady.
(LIC) N/A N/A 1949 Apr Ethel May Kedward was the landlady and still was in 1962.
(LIC) N/A N/A 1953 Simonds Brewery Ltd was the owners.




Double Licence = Beer and Spirit Licence.





"A long row of houses after Babell and its graveyard reached to a point now known as Gwilym Street. No more houses
existed on this side until the "Travellers' Well" was passed. Ahead were some more houses and the old Babell schoolroom. (The latter has
also been pulled down. The rising ground behind now supports numerous private dwellings erected during the 1960's),."


N.L. Thomas, Swansea District and Villages - Cwmbwrla p.6, printed 1969.




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(C) Cambrian [web filtered] | (LIC) Licence records | (WGA) West Glamorgan Archives | Available from the Swansea County Hall


*A huge thank you to Dave Arnold for all his research and written work on the Pubs & Inns*

Thank you to the City & County of Swansea for all your help and support.